About us

Through the years, we have gained experience as strategy consultants for top tier managment consultancy firms, as well as hands-on experience in working in strategy/business development roles in start-ups and mature organizations in the mobile industry.  Some of our services in this category include:

           => Market research and assessments
           => Strategy development/refinement and implementation (on a product and
                company level)
           => Early stage company development (organizational processes and structure,
                product development strategy and organization, etc)

Corporate Finance

mobiOne works on valuation engagements, and is involved with buy-side and sell-side activities on multiple transactions in the digital media sector. We perform in-depth commercial and technical due diligence projects, and can facilitate transactions on both sides.  We raise funds for start-ups, and can assist as advisors in a wide range of online and mobile companies in early stages:

           => Business plan development
           => Fund raising, mergers & acquisitions

Business Development

Our services in Business Development span a vast spectrum, including:

           => Leads identification, negotiation and closing
           => Establishment of offshore development organizations
           => Agent representation
           => Alliances

mobiOne has a thorough understanding of the mobile services value chain, the technologies as well as the companies involved in the industry.  We have negotiated hundreds of agreements with companies covering the entire value chain.